dave leonard


A led lamp made from a single tube HMPE (high molecular polyethylene). Because of the transparent properties of the material, the light is evenly distributed. Hence instead of individual led lights, a uniform, light beam is visible in the tube. This energy efficient and minimalistic lamp has a high light output. 

HMPE (high molecular polyethylene)
white (translucent)
led lights
It is composed of 42 led 10 watt strips.
adjustable in height
It has an adjustable of 30 cm and the wiring can be connected to a ceiling fixture.
570 x 25 x 15 mm
When hung from the ceiling fixture the dimensions are 275 x 100 x 25
package material
cardboard box (1,5 mm)
Ceiling screws are included.
Product meets the CE-Mark requirements
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€ 399,-
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delivery time
between 2 days and 8 weeks
Delivery time is between 2 days and 8 weeks, depending on the inventory. The expected delivery time will be specified when an order is placed.
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